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We invented the Pilates Reformer Towel

Salt & Honey Pilates Reformer Towels - Perfect for Pilates Lovers!

Co-founders Emily Hammett and Tom Hammett decided to use their experience as Pilates Studio owners and invented the Pilates Reformer Towel under the brand Salt & Honey. Reformers are used by lots different people can spread germs.  Gyms and studios are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can spread from person to person on the Reformers. The Salt & Honey Pilates Reformer towel was designed with your safety, health , and function in-mind!

The Salt & Honey Pilates Reformer Towel:

Using a Reformer towel will help you in your workout to achieve optimal health from your Pilates sessions.The Reformer Towel is a latest invention by Salt & Honey, designed to keep you safe while working out on the Pilates Reformer. Not only does it not prevent slipping, but it also helps anchor your body on the Reformer carriage and headrest.

During class, we noticed clients bringing in a standard bath towel and just knew there was a better way to absorb sweat turning tough classes.  The basic bath towels slip and slide on the Reformer, preventing you from anchoring down in proper alignment. When this happens in class, you are no longer elongating your spine and are therefore losing some of the amazing benefits and results of Pilates! You could even injure yourself if you were to slip and fall off a standard bath towel.  Instead, the superior grip of the Salt & Honey Reformer towel locks you in and prevents any slips. It absorbs sweat and moisture quickly and keeps you dry and comfortable. Using your own towel helps keep you safe from germs and unsanitary conditions left behind from the previous classes.

Made from superior quality microfiber, this is a durable towel that offers unbeatable style and quickly absorbs sweat and moisture.  It's perfect for the Pilates studio where the rigorous, high volume classes can lead to excess sweating leftover germs. Using a towel that absorbs moisture faster and leaves you feeling dry and comfortable is the ideal accessory to carry along. Caring for your new mat, simply machine wash on cold and dry on low heat or hang dry.

The Salt & Honey Pilates Reformer towel will help you in achieving what you aim for—a fit body and a healthy mind. Salt & Honey is the first towel to keep you safe, absorb sweat faster, and will help you reach your Pilates goals!

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