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What Are The Benefits of reformer mats for you?

For Your Health

Protect yourself from people’s sweat, germs, and unsanitary equipment

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For your safety

Slippery surfaces on reformers cause accidents. Our superior grip locks you in

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Maximize Your Workout

Basic towels slip, decreasing the effectiveness of your workouts

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Top Grade Materials

Uncomfortable reformers can be a huge distraction. It absorbs moisture

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Made from superior quality microfiber elements, this durable towel provides incredible grip during your workout, unbeatable style and quickly absorbs sweat and moisture.

Satisfied owners

“Best Pilates towel ever! I love mine! It grips to the reformer and gives me extra traction for planks especially when I’m sweaty! I’m obsessed and can’t do a Pilates class without it?”


The most amazing towel. Omg I'm in love! I have multiple so I can switch them out.
Perfect for my pilates classes.
Love, love, love!


Great idea! Super durable and safe, helps keep things clean and provides that peace of mind that you're not relying upon how well others cleaned the equipment before you 👍

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