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Pilates Reformer Towel: The best accessory for a Pilates workout

With the growing number of health conscious people, there has been an increase in the styles of workout regimens, too. Earlier, we had Yoga, jogging, and yes, the gym. But, with time, there has been an addition to the exercise methods. There are dances like Salsa that give a complete body workout. And, then there is Pilates. The latest favorite of countless fans of this form of exercise consists of workouts that can be performed on mats as well as reformer machines.

The mats used for Pilates are thicker than the Yoga mats. The exercise performed on the mat provides a foundation for learning to control your muscles. But, with reformer Pilates, you may actually see the muscle tone and feel stronger in a shorter time. Both these Pilates styles offer to bring a balance, flexibility and coordination. These, in turn, improve posture and bring a gracefulness and efficiency to your movements.

This exercise form also offers a relief from pain, especially back pain, and strengthens the core muscles, namely, the abdomen, the lower back and the hips and the buttocks.

Equipment and accessories used for Pilates:

Pilates uses mats and reformer carriages. The mats are thicker than the yoga mats and are also easy to use and maintain. However, the reformer carriages need extra care, an instructor to help you learn to use the machine and help you in case of an accident or an injury while performing the exercises.

A reformer carriage has pulleys and springs that help strengthen your muscles and brings an alignment to your body, as a whole. It works on the body as well as the mind and gives you the satisfaction of having done a complete workout.

You need to be careful about the clothes you use for your Pilates workout sessions. Wearing tight fitting clothes instead of baggy ones will help your instructor observe your body alignment. Also, as opposed to baggy clothes, the tight-fitting, stretchable clothes help you workout without any discomfort. They don’t slide up and sip down whenever you bend.

The other things worth remembering are avoiding the use of accessories of belts that could get entangled in the springs or pulleys while exercising. Also, refraining from wearing clothes that have embellishments like zippers, buttons, clasps will help you stay safe while you exercise. These could damage the reformer carriage or get stuck while working out.

The Reformer Towel:

Now, the most important of all accessories—the Reformer Towel. Yes, it does feel rather unimportant a detail to consider while at a Pilates studio, but making use of the right kind of towel helps in many ways than you know. A reformer towel is very unlike the usual gym towel you would typically use. These usual towels slip, and also offer no support if you were to use it to lie on it while exercising.

A Reformer Towel is made of microfiber. Now, microfiber is a fabric that has several advantages and hence is used for this purpose as a the material in our pilates reformer towel.

It absorbs water seven times its weight. It absorbs moisture and leaves the place dry. So, imagine how useful it is at a place like a Pilates studio. What with a heavy duty workout you have to undergo, you will be sweating out a lot. Sweat causes infections. It does not hold any virus, but can get onto the skin through rubbing the nose or breathing or sneezing. However, studies show that sweat can be a virus carrier and effect anyone who comes in contact easily. So, you can imagine the risk you face at an exercise studio. With the number of people visiting to workout there, the kind of bacteria that can spread is unimaginable.

Gyms and exercise studios are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. And, these can lead to infections very quickly. Therefore, using a towel that absorbs the sweat and keeps you feeling dry and comfortable becomes a necessity.

Secondly, the towel being so absorbent, can keep the reformer carriage dry, too. When you sweat while exercising you stand a chance of slipping and injuring yourself. Placing a reformer towel on the reformer carriage will not only give you a dry surface to workout, but also a firm grip.

The rubber non-slipping backing sticks to the Pilates carriage and gives your head and beck and firmness while you place your head on the headrest. This solves the problem of slipping and hurting yourself while exercising.

Exercising with the reformer towel underneath your back will give you maximum support and help you enjoy your workout to the fullest.

Caring for your new mat, simply machine wash on cold and dry on low heat or hang dry.

Value for money:

Any kind of exercise regimen requires not only regularity but also a passion that can help you reap its benefits. An exercise regimen also requires you to be careful about the clothes and accessories you use while working out. Using the right kind of clothes that enable easy movements and comfort is essential for the sake of your wellbeing and overall health.

Using the Reformer Towel while practicing Pilates will keep you safe from infections caused due to sweat and also any injury caused by slipping and falling. Our refermer towel will keep your reformer carriage damage-free, workouts top notch and your fitness goals achieved!

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